About Our Foundation


Affinis Arts Foundation was established by Japan Tobacco Inc. in 1988 for the purpose of contributing to the development and improvement of Japanese musical culture.
Our primary mission is to promote and improve the activities of Japanese professional orchestras, which enjoy broad-based public support. We will be truly gratified if our activities contribute to Japan becoming a genuinely rich society through the development of musical culture.

Purpose of Our Foundation

Affinis Arts Foundation was established for the advancement of arts and culture, chiefly in the area of music, through promotion of the arts. The Foundation seeks to achieve this goal by providing financial assistance and grants to artists with the ultimate aim of contributing to the development and refinement of Japanese culture.

Origin of Our Name

“Affinis” is Latin for “friendly relations” and “neighborliness.” In Japan, the tobacco plant that bears beautiful, delicate flowers is known by the name “Nicotiana affinis.” In the language of flowers, affinis represents “interaction” and “trust.” Affinis Arts Foundation has been named after this flower to express its hope of inspiring greater interaction and the expansion of the circle of friendship through culture.

Symbol and Logo Typeface

The symbol and logo of Affinis Arts Foundation were renewed on April 1, 2002.




Affinis Arts Foundation


Akasaka-kaikan Bldg.4F, 2-13-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Japan






March 31, 1988

Principal shareholder

Japan Tobacco Inc.

Basic assets

5 billion yen

Board of Trustees