About the Festival AMF

The Affinis Music Festival(AMF) is a seminar-based music festival organized by the Affinis Arts Foundation for musicians who belong to professional orchestras in Japan. Members of professional orchestras nationwide and invited musicians who perform music at first-rate orchestras around the world gather to participate in various activities, which are divided into three main programs: seminars, concerts, and cultural program for citizens.

Three main programs of the AMF


At seminars, which are basically open to the public, participants and invited musicians work on creating music together. Focusing on chamber music, the basis of orchestral music, they tackle a variety of musical pieces.

* Some seminars are not open to the public.


Concerts are held in Nagaoka as the stage to showcase the fruits of the seminars. In the presence of people from the local communities, the participants perform the selected musical pieces that they have worked on and developed through the help of invited musicians at the seminars.

Cultural program for citizens

The gift of music from the members of the AMF to local citizens-this is the spirit of the Cultural program for citizens. With the hope that more people will develop an intimate connection with music, and find it more enjoyable, the festival provides a variety of programs, including a concert of popular classical music selections and a joint performance with musicians active in the local community.